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RBA has worked with SMEs and multinational retailers, brands and industry companies in a broad range of industry, consumer and service sectors.

  • Aquaculture (fisheries, fish- and shrimp farming)

  • Agriculture (cocoa; coffee, cotton, fertilizers, fruits & vegetables; palm oil, soy, sugar)

  • Apparel & Footwear (incl textile and sports)

  • Automotive

  • Ceramics

  • DIY 

  • Electronics

  • Finance (Banking, Insurance, Pension funds, export finance)

  • Food (processing)

  • Horticulture (ornamental flowers & plants, fruits & vegetables)

  • Fishery

  • Forestry (paper; wood & timber)

  • Furniture

  • Logistics

  • Natural Resources (Mining, Oil & Gas; Hydro power; Solar power)

  • Paints & Varnishes

  • Pharmacy

  • Profile products

  • Public sector

  • Telecom

  • Transport (airports, shipping, ports, road and rail)

  • Tourism

  • Jewelry

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We work with companies at strategic level and in  developing, frontier, emerging and conflict-affected markets.

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