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Whether you work in a big or small company, being the sustainability executive can be quite lonely - and daunting. Typical challenges and questions can be:


  • “I’m preparing a presentation to the Board/my Boss, and I need good practice examples from other companies - now!  Please help me”

  • “I’ve got a social audit report on my table. How shall I follow up?”

  • “Eek – we found child labour in our supply chain! What shall we do?”

  • “I know there are risk issues our company currently do not address. How can I embed that our company address this risk?”


Sometimes, 15 minute guidance over the phone can be exactly what you need to get further. That’s what happened when a CSR Manager in a multinational company called for advice on a rather complex issue. Our advice inspired and enabled her to successfully embed a ground-breaking policy with the company’s Global Board of Directors.   


Mentoring is not about hiring someone doing the job for you.  Mentoring is about inspiring, guiding, enabling and empowering you to do the work yourself – and maybe become the internal ethical champion.



RBA Mentoring Services

Mentoring can be conducted in personal meetings, via Skype or phone as


  • Case-based mentoring

  • Regular mentoring where RBA is available for an agreed amount of time during a fixed period – for instance within one, three, six or twelve months. The longer commitment, the lower fee per/month

RBA takes pride in ethical & moral standards and operates under full confidentiality

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