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Human Rights engage businesses in Russia

There was an engaged audience that listened to RBA´s presentation on Human Rights Due Diligence in Russia at a Breakfast Meeting with the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) on March 29th. The meeting was held together with the RBA strategic ally, BDO Forensic Services, who presented anti-corruption measures. The Norwegian company Kværner presented their integrity policy on Corruption and Human Rights. The audience wanted to know how far down in the supply chain it was expected to go, what to do with the traditional system for seeking protection from powerful people, how to deal with poverty and low wages in a competitive environment, and whether or not Russia was too risky to enter at all.

RBA as well as the two other presenters, insisted that the point with international standards is not to discourage companies from entering complex environment, but rather to increase the companies´ awareness of the risks, and increase their capacity to tackle them in a responsible way.

The Breakfast seminar was chaired by the NRCC managing director Jarle Forbord. The presenters were Beate Hvam-Axelsen, Head of Compliance Kværner, Kirsten S. Natvig, advisor, RBA, Mads Blomfeldt, partner, BDO Forensic Services.

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