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Responsible Business Advisors (RBA) supports small, medium large companies and investors doing business in and supplying from conflict affected, developing frontier and emerging markets to operate in ways that are good for your own business, the supply chain stakeholders as well as local people and the environment. We help your operations to keep in line with international norms and standards.

RBA assists your company in interpreting the local culture, finding out how ethnic, religious and class background form people´s relations, how men and women interact in society, how local people access and use natural resources, and how management-workers relations can be designed for win-win solutions. RBA can assist your company in unpacking local values and traditions in order for your operations to take off on a good footing. We enable fruitful dialogue and stakeholder consultations for your company to gain local licence for its operation. Furthermore, RBA can assist your company to identify political risks and avoid pitfalls, by taking necessary precautions and making necessary preparations. 

Drawing on broad experience in research and evaluations from the development field, RBA can also assist your company with identification of key performance indicators, performance and impact monitoring, assessment,  and more. 

RBA is composed of Scanteam partners and affiliates with core expertise within Responsible Business Conduct from the companies listed below.

We collaborate strategically with:

KAN - Koalisjonen for Ansvarlig Næringsliv

Factlines on Supply Chain Management:

Enact Sustainable Strategies on Human Rights:

Plexus Energy on Human Rights in the energy sector


BDO´s Forensic Services unit on anti-corruption and Integrity Due Diligence background checks:

RBA is a Scanteam Business Area.

Scanteam is a partner-owned independent   Norwegian  consultancy 

and advisory company established in 1990. 

Scanteam has broad working experience from 100 countries across the world. RBA draws on this broad experience from complex environments, fragile and conflict ridden states, developing and emerging economies with different history, culture, laws and institutions to provide accurate and relevant advise to businesses establishing themselves in new environments.

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