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Responsible Business Advisors (RBA) assists policy makers, companies, multistakeholder initiatives and other decision makers in promoting responsible business conduct in emerging markets and developing countries. Our services cover risk analysis, human rights due diligence, policy development, tailoring of tools and measures to reduce risks of human rights breaches as well as evaluations, reviews, studies and facilitation of collaborative processes.


RBA has a particular strong understanding of responsible supply chain management, the intersection between responsible business and development efforts, , environmental aspects and the gender perspective. The core RBA consultants have been involved in the development of the main international guidelines and principles for Responsible business for more than a decade and have a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in turning these into practical instruments for both public and private actors.


​RBA can assist companies in carrying out Human Rights due Diligence, understanding local risks and contexts and facilitating stakeholder dialogue. We can support policy makers in developing policies, programmes, and strategies for promoting responsible business and sustainable private sector development. RBA carries out programme evaluations and studies, drawing on own experience as well as our network of local partners in a number of countries worldwide., as well as reviews and evaluations of programs for Responsible Business conduct, and private sector development. 

RBA is composed of Scanteam partners and affiliates with core expertise within Responsible Business Conduct from the companies listed below.

We collaborate strategically with:

KAN - Koalisjonen for Ansvarlig Næringsliv

Factlines on Supply Chain Management:

Enact Sustainable Strategies on Human Rights:

Plexus Energy on Human Rights in the energy sector

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RBA is a Scanteam Business Area.

Scanteam is a partner-owned independent   Norwegian  consultancy 

and advisory company established in 1990. 

Scanteam has broad working experience from 100 countries across the world. RBA draws on this broad experience from complex environments, fragile and conflict ridden states, developing and emerging economies with different history, culture, laws and institutions to provide accurate and relevant advise to businesses establishing themselves in new environments.

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