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  • Equal rights between men and women are fundamental human rights

  • The benefits of a gender-balanced economy are multiple

  • Gender diversity at the work place increases business opportunities

  • Gender diversity gives companies a competitive advantage



—Gender equality prevails when there are equal opportunities between men and women at the workplace to receive positions, training, mentoring, promotions.

Gender equality policies recognise that there are cultural, traditional and judicial barriers to equality between men and women that can be identified and tackled by the work place to enable a level playing fields for men and women to gain equal carrier opportunities.



Through recognising that there are underlying inequalities between men and women in society that are mirrored by the work place, the same inequalities can be actively counteracted to create equal opportunities at the work place.   

Such inequalities can be different work loads at home, gender role expectations concerning leadership, lack of female or male role models for certain tasks or positions, lack of appropriate occupational health and safety provisions for both genders

RBA Gender Equality services


We assist companies and investors to create equal playing fields for men and women at the work place through: 


  • Identifying barriers to gender equality in society and at the work place

  • Developing tailor-made gender policies

  • Developing relevant gender programmes

  • Incorporating the gender policy and gender programmes in the company strategy 

  • Developing specific actions and activities to promote equal opportunities


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