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Our advisors have extensive international experience about human rights, labour rights, environmental issues, anticorruption, political risk, gender equality, inclusive work, and cultural understanding in complex environments such as conflict affected, developing and emerging markets.

In addition to the advisors below, we have a global network of local associates. 

Per N Bondevik profil.jpg
Per N. Bondevik
Ethical Trade
Policy Development

Per N. Bondevik is an economist with more than 20 years experience within business and human rights, supply chain management and development work in more than 30 countries worldwide, including 6 years as Managing director of Ethical Trade Norway. Per is a strong believer of strategic cross sectorial collaboration as necessary for addressing the more complex challenges within responsible business conduct.  


Phone: +47 950 12 969 

Kirsten Sandberg Natvig
HR Due Diligence
Gender Inclusion
Stakeholder engagement
Impact assessment

Kirsten Sandberg Natvig is a senior partner in Scanteam. She has 25 years experience from work with gender equality, rights based development and stakeholder engagement with local communities. She has a solid command of qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and participatory impact assessment methodologies. 


Phone: +47 908 68 280

Magnus Macfarlane
Impact assessment
HR Due Diligence
Land acquisitions
Magnus Macfarlane
Impact assessment
HR Due Diligence
Land acquisitions

Magnus Macfarlane has over 20 years strategic and technical expertise in corporate responsibility management and is a fully accredited socio-economic assessor, accountant and assurance provider with specialist expertise in corporate socio-economic performance management procedures. He has applied a range of international social safeguard policies, including the IFC Performance Standards, to projects and programs, and provided analysis, training and advice to major international companies, governments and institutions. 


Phone: +44 (0) 7947 274427

Vegard Bye 
Human Rights
Political Risk

Vegard Bye is a Scanteam Partner with background from human rights and social responsibility work in more than 50 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, including conflict and post-conflict societies with weak governance. Bye has in-depth experience from countries with responsibility challenges of particular relevance for Norwegian businesses.


Phone: +47 905 71 494                             

Rolf Andreas Vestvik
Sustainable Development 

Rolf A. Vestvik has throughout his professional life worked with international issues and foreign policy, specializing on political and risk analysis. Ha has in addition extensive knowledge on development assistance and humanitarian aid. Vestvik has worked as a diplomat in the Norwegian Foreign Service, and been many years with the Norwegian Refugee Council.


Phone: +47 907 95 353

Roel Slootweg
Impact assessment
Biodiversity, SDGs

Roel Slootweg is an ecologist with experience in +50 countries. He supports companies in translating concepts of natural resources management and biodiversity conservation into day-to-day practice. Slootweg has received international awards for his work in environmental and social impact assessment. Scientific evidence, public participation and transparency are constant qualities in his work. He is co-owner of SevS Consultants in The Netherlands. 


Phone: +31 6 11 38 49 81

Wijnand Broer
Natural Capital Strategies

Wijnand Broer is an all-round consultant with 25 years of experience in the field of responsible business conduct, with a specific emphasis on international supply chains and business strategies regarding Natural Capital. He has worked with companies around the world in a wide variety of sectors, including Apparel, Electronics, Agriculture, Retail, Tourism and Finance sector. He believes in building on coalitions between the business sector, civil society organisations and government. Broer is a partner at CREM consultancy in the Netherlands.


Phone: +31 6 310 058 13

Peter Croal
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Climate change
Indigenous Peoples

Peter Croal is a geologist with extensive international development and poverty reduction experience working with private sector, governments and NGOs on strategic environmental assessment, indigenous peoples rights, knowledge and partnerships, and program management. He has developed and delivered training courses and associated implementation tools and processes on national and international environmental laws, policies, conventions and agreements.


Phone: +1-613-204-0787

Dirk de Vos
Commercial Due Diligence
Regulatory, Political Risk and Market Structures

Qualified as a lawyer, Dirk has over 20 years of experience in regulatory systems across a number of industry sectors including energy, mineral resources and telecoms. Having worked in and analysed a number of jurisdictions, Dirk advises how, when combined with other local macro factors, regulatory structures produce certain outcomes. These can either incentivise or disincentivise responsible business practice. Dirk has extensive experience in commercial and reputational due diligence and political risk. Dirk strongly believes that the most valuable licence a business can have is its social licence to operate.


Phone: +47 408 49 159

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