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Despite a couple of decades with intense social auditing of production sites, there are still persistent compliance gaps in factories and production plants  in global value chains. 

Companies who either own production sites or source from independent suppliers are therefore advised to shift - or at least complement social auditing by building production management and workers´ capacity to address root causes to non-compliance and identify solutions from their own perspective. This bottom-up approach ensures strong embedding and hence sustained improvements with a positive impact for Workers and Business.



Decent work and social dialogue training with inclusion of operational-level grievance mechanisms meets expectations on labour rights set out in international standards such as OECD Guidelines for multinational companies; the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,; several Sustainable Development Goals; Global Reporting Initiative as well as a company´s own Code of Conduct.



With experience in training about 2000 production management across multiple sectors and countries, plus social dialogue training for workers and management, RBA has in-depth insight of both key stakeholder groups’ challenges & opportunities. 

We ​train

  • site top/mid-management on “The Business Case for Decent Work”

  • site workers and top/mid-management on Social Dialogue

  • site top/mid management on compliance costs calculations and negotiations

Trainings include set-up of operational -level grievance mechanisms​

We also 

  • Mentor Responsible Supply Chain Managers on strategy and corrective action

  • Identify and quality-assure local partners to carry out

    • quality social assessments;

    • child labor remediation 

    • activities to prevent sexual harassment

"Social dialogue helps our factory to capture the needs of workers which may be resolved at the reasonable demands; workers feel secure and commitment to work for a long time in the factory, which leads to productivity improvements."

- Factory Director, Vietnam      

RBA Decent Work and Social Dialogue Services

Mentor Supply Chain Managers on strategies and corrective actions 

Training for production management and workers

Training package(s) can be ordered by Companies with own production sites; Brands/Retailers/Agents (Buyers), multi stakeholder organisations, business associations and business groups concerned with working conditions in global supply chains, and are: 

  • Applicable and adaptable across countries, sectors and production site size

  • Highly interactive, with provision of tools, resources and good practice sharing

  • Also suitable in countries with restriction on Freedom of Association

Identify and quality assure right local partners 

for quality social assessment and/or training

Child labour remediation

Sexual harassment prevention

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